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4 Apr 2020

Coronavirus Bored Game

It is well known by now that there are only two ways to defeat the Coronavirus –


2. Set a Welsh Dragon onto it to slay it with fiery breath.


Hot off the press is my Coronavirus Bored Game. A simple game of chance for all the family.

Simply download the file, print out five pages, cut out the hand washing and dragon counters and play! Only £3 from the Download Shop.

Easy to follow instructions and fun tasks.



1 Dec 2019

12 Days of Crisis

Just completed work on this collaborative video with composer and musician Neil Browning

12 Days of Crisis from Neil Browning and  Maria Hayes on Vimeo.

22 Jun 2016

Glaslyn Osprey Project – Artist in Residence 2016

I have been working at Glaslyn Osprey Visitors centre again, drawing from the live video feed. It is another fantastic season. Mrs G and Aran have successfully incubated, hatched and are rearing two chicks. We don’t know what gender they are yet – but the bets are on. Many of us think this time they are the same sex – but are they male or female? We won’t find out until they are ringed. In the meantime, I’ll keep drawing.

Mrs G turning the egg 2016 s Mrs G incubating and Aran on perch 2016 s


22 Jun 2016

Beyond The Border International Storytelling Festival

I will be artist in residence at Beyond the Border this year. In addition I will be doing two performances of stories, one on stage using traditional materials, one on the iPad.


22 Jun 2016

MarKings Festival

I will be talking about drawing the Ospreys from the live video feed at MarKings illustration and performance festival and symposium. Organized by Central St Martins School of Art in collaboration with House of Illustration, London.

8-9 July 2016

4R and little WOs


23 Jul 2015

Glaslyn Osprey project – artist in residence 2015

I am currently doing a residency at the Glaslyn Osprey project on a voluntary basis. This organization is entirely run by volunteers and dependent on donations to keep going. All the drawings I make are for sale and a percentage of the price is donated back to the project.

The Ospreys nearly died out in this country, and thanks to the dedication of a few they are now thriving once more. It’s been wonderful to draw the progress of this years breeding pair.

I draw from the live video feed at the Glaslyn centre and get down there as often as possible.



21 Jul 2015

Y Mabinogi Videos

I have now added videoed sections of the Mabinogi performance drawing. You can see some on the Artwork page and the rest are on my You Tube channel.


10 Apr 2014

Cerebellium 2014

Cerebellium 2014 was an immersive theatre experience. I painted the action live while Professor Guillaume Thierry, playing Professor Kurtz, explained the workings of his ‘brain in the vat’. The brain communicated through music to scientists and friends. Professor Kurtz explained that the infinity loop connects mind consciousness to the brain matter. This production was supported by Pontio, University of Bangor and Arts Council of Wales.


8 Nov 2011

Shedding Skins : Energy Gift Exchange diary

Dancing in Time 2011

‘Shedding Skins’ begins on 17th October and is open until 18th November 2011.

The private view is on 21st October when the show will be formally opened by Eileen Adams. Eileen is the driving force behind The Big Draw and The Campaign for Drawing.

View the work and read more here:

Shedding Skins – my work

Drawing with Light –

28 Feb 2008

Grimm Tales for Lent – St Pauls Cathedral

At the 6.00 pm Sunday services during Lent, Canon Edmund Newell will be joined by comedy writer and performer Andy Hamilton, actors Lynda Baron, Amanda Symonds and Anthony Newell to explore the spiritual dimension of four of the brothers Grimm’s classic fairy stories. During the series we shall be exploring Cinderella, Hansel and Gretel, Snow White and Little Red Riding Hood.

Illustration from Little Red Riding Hood, 2006 by Maria Hayes.

For more information please contact:
Mark McVay
Press Officer
020 7246 8321

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