Criw Celf - Drawing with Light workshop 2010

Maria devises and delivers quality art workshops and professional development training. Believing that there is a potential artist in everyone, Maria works across the age and ability range with her special methods to facilitate each participants creativity.

Maria also works with other practitioners on collaborative, performance-based workshops.

Workshops and courses are tailored to suit your needs.
Please contact Maria to discuss details.



Developing Dylan 2014 5m01s

Workshop with performance poet Martin Daws for excluded pupils.


Developing Dylan 2013  10m05s

Workshop with Mark Pavey for Literature Wales

Criw Celf ii 2010
09m 00s
Criw Celf is an art club to enable young people age 7 – 12 from Gwynedd to participate in artist-led workshops.

Criw Celf iii 2010

Drawing with Light: Bruntcliffe School 2010
13m 35s
A group of 6th Form students draw with the video projection technology during a three-day residency, at Bruntcliffe School, Morley in Leeds. Musicians from Opera North joined us for the second day when the students drew the music and the musicians.

MidFrame 2011
04m 12s
In collaboration with Christine Watkins as part of her performance project ‘Tide Tables’, we delivered a one-day workshop for mid-life female creative practitioners.

Drawing with Light – IBLF workshop at Trigonos 2011
This was a taster session for participants on a training week. Professionals from a variety of backgrounds met to work on Partnership Brokering. This session was to offer a different view of creativity in partnership. Most of the participants do not normally draw.

Interactive Drawing - collaboration workshop with Wales Video Network 2010
drawing using long-distance instant projection through the Video Conferencing network facility and interactive whiteboards

Red Riding Hood 
Drawing and painting collaboration between myself and the children.
Beyond Wordplay Fairytale Project: Swansea 2008

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