Simon Dancing - Waltz (step dancing)

Ink on paper (drawn in projection)

Hayes draws from observation and listening. She draws literally and metaphorically on the quality of energy she encounters. The resulting image may not look like her subject but instead reveals accumulated observed traces, which cannot be recorded unless they are drawn.  Hayes translates the energy of movement and sound into line. Video and projection technologies assist the work and bring her closer to the observed subject. Hayes uses an assisted environment to experiment with narrative and collaborate with other practitioners in live performance.

Hayes was awarded a PhD Fine Art from Aberystwyth University in 2013.
To learn more about this work see ‘Shedding Skins’.

Maria Hayes has exhibited widely since 1986 and has work for exhibition and sale at her studio. Her work is represented in both private and public collections nationally and internationally. Hayes welcomes inquiries for studio visits, exhibitions, projects and commissions.

Maria Hayes’s video works can be seen below, then scroll down to view the gallery of drawings, prints, paintings and photos of performances and projects.

Y Mabinogi 2015

A unique event took place on 14 March 2015. Y Mabinogi was performed by six storytellers over the course of the day. Beginning at 11am and ending at 8pm (with breaks). The event happened at Aberystwyth Arts Centre to a packed house. The stories were drawn live by Maria Hayes and projected above the storytellers. This video documents part of the drawing process and the storytellers can be heard.

Woman Walking 1999 – 2014

An old/new work – a sound recording of layered walks made and recorded over eighteen months, combined with paintings made over one year. The soundtrack was mastered by Martin Pyne (Tallguy Records).


Rickety Racket 2013/2014

Drawing music to Busnoys, in performance on an iPad. I used Brushes app and performed live with Busnoys. The images appeared on a large screen above the performers. This video is a compilation of the images drawn set to ‘Rickety Racket’.


Raven Dance, Selkie Song 2010
04m 38s
Collaborative work with Kristin Carlson at School of Interactive Arts and Technologies, Vancouver. We were inspired by the First Nations Raven masks and improvised a duet on this theme.


Charlie Bird 2010
04m 28s
When the cat brought in this bird I rescued it. Some weeks later he went to a rescue centre as his wing never healed. He’s a great character so I named him Charlie and filmed him in those first few hours. Later, in the studio, I drew into the video using my digital projection technique.

Gwawr Gwaith Powdwr
05m 18s
Drawing the new dawn at the old explosive works in Penrhyndeudreath. I took my camera up to the land at 4.30am and filmed. I later projected the film in my studio and drew into the film. The video you are now seeing is an edit between those films. This celebrates the new dawn of the lands use as it changes from being the site of an explosives factory, to a wildlife sanctuary.


Tiger 2010
05m 04s
Drawing the Sumerian Tiger at Welsh Mountain Zoo using the projection drawing technique.
Bryn the Tiger co-operated beautifully for about an hour. Here is a five minute film of the process.


In Concert 2010
05m 00s
Performance. Maria Hayes responds to the sounds John Harvey generates. Visual art and sonic art in conversation.


Lines of Enquiry 1 2009
05m 17s
Dancer Sean Feldman moves to sound, artist Maria Hayes draws the dancer. Conversation between art forms, between artists.


Skin Deep 2009
A Selkie story and song narrated by June Tabor inspired this film.
Dancers Sandra Rosado and Paul Davies, edited by John Thorne. Directed by Maria Hayes.


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