Lines of Enquiry

Skin Deep 2009

dancer and live projection drawing

Over thirty years ago I observed that movement and constant change are fundamentals of our Universe. I have been puzzling about how to draw movement ever since.

I was trained to use traditional materials and methods. Since the digital revolution I have had to learn new skills but it has made me wonder, could we lose something vital from our culture? Or is it a time of exciting opportunities? Will virtual technologies replace the hand made object? What implications could this have for the way we understand the world and express ourselves?

In 2008 I began a practice based PhD at Aberystwyth University and now I combine digital imaging and observational drawing to explore the essential qualities of both. By mapping the way across the digital divide I seek to connect past traditions with present and future image making.

How can the reality of the body be reconciled with imaginative, virtual worlds?

See more about my PhD practice research here.

Working with musicians, dancers, performers, storytellers and poets, I seek out the enriching challenge of collaboration.