24 May

Paid â Deud Walk a Mile 2018

Here is the new video I made with Jordan Price-Williams and Patrick Rimes.

3 Mar

2018 Connected Drawing course at Trigonos

My 2018 Connected Drawing course will be running 11-15 August at Trigonos.  Places are limited.

Feedback from previous course participants includes:

  • A great deal – the teacher, the venue, what we learnt – a great course.
  • Being given tools, in the form of exercises, to approach using many senses whilst drawing! Freedom and uses of technique were combined to enhance my learning process and allow me to ‘awaken’ something in myself.
  • Having 3-4 days to do bite size ways into and around what we wanted to draw and paint. The sounds, the touch, the movement have given me another dimension to create within. The teaching so helpful – after 4 year part-time at Art College (no teaching!) 20 years ago.
  • So very much – thank you. The tuition was very pertinent and focused on the individual.
  • Spending time with an artist who understands my work and shares practices that keep it alive and open. Spending time just drawing and seeing.
  • Teaching me to see with my fingers instead of my mind and prior assumptions.
  • Time to think – and share in ‘discovery’ together.
  • All of it! The exercises especially were fab. Really enjoyed the circle time at beginning and end!

So if you think you would enjoy the course – book now! Phone 01286 882388

Click Connected drawing 2018s for the poster including all costs and booking information.

Connected Drawing course 2017

21 Jul

Artist in Residence Musicfest Aberystwyth 2017

I am going to be drawing events at the MusicFest Aberystwyth 2017. If you are attending the festival and see me drawing, come and say hello.

The drawings will be on view at Aberystwyth Arts Centre and on line during and after the festival.


Artist in residence


22 Jun

Glaslyn Osprey Project – Artist in Residence 2016

I have been working at Glaslyn Osprey Visitors centre again, drawing from the live video feed. It is another fantastic season. Mrs G and Aran have successfully incubated, hatched and are rearing two chicks. We don’t know what gender they are yet – but the bets are on. Many of us think this time they are the same sex – but are they male or female? We won’t find out until they are ringed. In the meantime, I’ll keep drawing.

Mrs G turning the egg 2016 s Mrs G incubating and Aran on perch 2016 s Little Chick and egg 2016 s Mrs G feeding first chick 2016 s Mrs G feeding chicks 2016 s Mrs G and chicks 2016 s Mrs G with fish feeding chicks 2016 s Mrs G and Aran on the perch 2016 s Chicks at the edge of the nest 2016 s

22 Jun

Beyond The Border International Storytelling Festival

I will be artist in residence at Beyond the Border this year. In addition I will be doing two performances of stories, one on stage using traditional materials, one on the iPad.


22 Jun

MarKings Festival

I will be talking about drawing the Ospreys from the live video feed at MarKings illustration and performance festival and symposium. Organized by Central St Martins School of Art in collaboration with House of Illustration, London.

8-9 July 2016

4R and little WOs


23 Jul

Glaslyn Osprey project – artist in residence 2015

I am currently doing a residency at the Glaslyn Osprey project on a voluntary basis. This organization is entirely run by volunteers and dependent on donations to keep going. All the drawings I make are for sale and a percentage of the price is donated back to the project.

The Ospreys nearly died out in this country, and thanks to the dedication of a few they are now thriving once more. It’s been wonderful to draw the progress of this years breeding pair.

I draw from the live video feed at the Glaslyn centre and get down there as often as possible.

See my Illustration page for a selection of the drawings.

See this website for more information on the Ospreys.

Drawing from the Glaslyn Osprey project residency.

Drawing from the Glaslyn Osprey project residency.

21 Jul

Ways of Seeing conference – Queens Gallery, Greenwich

My paper Cubist Ways of Seeing was given at the Ways of Seeing conference on Friday 17th July 2015.

The conference was really interesting and featured the exhibition and film by Dryden Goodwin Seen:Unseen.

You can see the Twitter feed here:

Ways of Seeing https://storify.com/RMG/ways-of-seeing … via @tqhgreenwich

photo montage with drawing

photo montage with drawing

21 Jul

Y Mabinogi Videos

I have now added videoed sections of the Mabinogi performance drawing. You can see some on the Artwork page and the rest are on my You Tube channel.


31 Mar

Y Mabinogi

Y Mabinogi was performed on 14 March 2015 at Aberystwyth Arts Centre to a full house. Storytellers Michael Harvey, Guto Davis, Dafydd Daies-Hughes, Christine Cooper, Cath Little and Fiona Collins told the tales bilingually over the day. I drew all the stories live and the drawing was projected simultaneously on a screen above the performers. Sioned Davies, head of the Welsh department Cardiff University and the most recent translator of the Mabiniogi, was in the audience and bought the final drawing of the fourth branch, which followed the transformation of Lleu into an eagle and Boldeuwedd into an owl. The event was part of a weekend of seminars, performances, tales, tellings, sharings and music to celebrate the Mabinogi, all arranged by Peter Stevenson.
Look out for video highlights coming soon!

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