24 Jun

Cydgyfeiriad : Convergence 2021

Afon Teigl a Afon Dwyryd 

Source to Sea

Inktense pencils on vellum, river branch, bones, ink and fishing line.

Size: 140cm (h) x 90cm (w) x 10cm (d)






This piece was made by following the run of water from its source at LLyn Y Manod, down the mountain, through the Ffestiniog valley to the place where it meets the sea in the Dwyryd estuary.

I carried a piece of vellum and laid it out on the ground near the water. Every mark on the vellum is an observed action of the water at that place.

The vellum is suspended from a branch pulled out from the river and hung with bones found near the sites on the mountain. Each bone is inscribed with the OS reference for that place and hung in order of the water’s descent.

There is a video of the making of this piece: Cydgyfeiriad Convergence video

I hope to connect you to time and place and immerse you in the quality of water that each place offers.

This piece is currently on show in:

Women’s Art in Wales- A Personal View

Celf Menywod yng Nghymru – Golwg Bersonol 

Selected by guest curator Jill Piercy / Wedi’r dethol gan y curadur gwadd Jill Piercy

05.2021 – 4.9. 2021   The Owen Owen Gallery and The Bridge, MOMA Machynlleth


24 Jun

Monty’s Wall

Monty’s Wall.





Emyr Evans invited me to paint a mural at the Dyfi Osprey Centre.

Monty was an iconic Osprey and his perch is now on display in the new centre building. In tribute to him I was invited to paint him coming in to land on it. The additional wall space was used to depict some of the bio diversity in the area including yellow flag iris, ragged robin, warblers and the newly resident beavers.

12 Mar

Lockdown Paintings

Since April 2020 I have been out and about in my locality making paintings of the landscape.

I walk, observe and paint, photograph them on my phone then post to Facebook.

To date I have completed 114 paintings. Here is a small selection.

The originals are for sale on enquiry – 22 have already sold. High res digital files can also be purchased with a license to print.


11 Nov

Cân Elenydd

So proud to have been part of:

Sianed Jones’s Cân Elenydd

Composer, musician and director Sianed Jones
Artists Jacob Whittaker, Mary Lloyd Jones and Maria Hayes
And featuring musician Jordan Price Williams (voice and cello)
This song cycle video art collaboration was broadcast on S4C
Sunday 8th November at 14:35
Wednesday 11th November at 22.30
Cân Elenydd conjures a family mythology forged across three generations.. a handbag is found filled with first world war letters.. a sister Dilys Lewis writes to her brother Dai Lewis in the trenches.. a mystery Mr J.R.Owen replies.. a daughter Mary Lloyd Jones paints and connects to the Devils Bridge landscape.. brothers Dai and Ardwyn Lewis carry a harp on their backs playing and singing to local communities.. an artist Maria Hayes re-enacts a protective Swyn of love, joy and forgiveness rooted in the healing powers of a circle.. a granddaughter Sianed Jones weaves all the stories into song.
Mae Cân Elenydd yn datgelu mytholeg deuluol a asiwyd dros dair cenhedlaeth… darganfyddir bag llaw yn llawn llythyrau o’r rhyfel byd cyntaf…mae’r chwaer Dilys Lewis yn ysgrifennu at ei brawd Dai yn y ffosydd a daw ateb oddiwrth Mr J.R.Owen, anyhysbys… mae’r ferch Mary Lloyd Jones yn paentio ac yn cysylltu â thirwedd Pontarfynach…mae’r brodyr Dai ac Ardwyn Lewis yn cario telyn ar eu cefnau i ganu i bobl yr ardal…. mae Maria Hayes, arlunydd, yn ailddeddfu Swyn amddiffyn sy’n gwreiddio cariad, gorfoledd a maddeuant mewn cylch holliach…mae’r wyres Sianed Jones yn nyddu’r straeon ynghâd mewn cân.
Drawing to music

Cân Elenydd 2019

6 Jan

Cân Elenydd

Cân Elenydd 2019













This piece was made by responding in real time to Sianed Jones improvising on the viol and singing while Jake Whittaker documented the process. Part of a larger sonic and video installation, this piece was made at Small World Theatre in 2019 and is included in a new publication, Critical Moss – Art beyond the Bubble edited by Aldobranti.


Here is a short video of this piece in progress:



24 May

Paid â Deud Walk a Mile 2018

Here is the new video I made with Jordan Price-Williams and Patrick Rimes.

21 Jul

Artist in Residence Musicfest Aberystwyth 2017

I am going to be drawing events at the MusicFest Aberystwyth 2017. If you are attending the festival and see me drawing, come and say hello.

The drawings will be on view at Aberystwyth Arts Centre and on line during and after the festival.


Artist in residence


22 Jun

Glaslyn Osprey Project – Artist in Residence 2016

I have been working at Glaslyn Osprey Visitors centre again, drawing from the live video feed. It is another fantastic season. Mrs G and Aran have successfully incubated, hatched and are rearing two chicks. We don’t know what gender they are yet – but the bets are on. Many of us think this time they are the same sex – but are they male or female? We won’t find out until they are ringed. In the meantime, I’ll keep drawing.

Mrs G turning the egg 2016 s Mrs G incubating and Aran on perch 2016 s Little Chick and egg 2016 s Mrs G feeding first chick 2016 s Mrs G feeding chicks 2016 s Mrs G and chicks 2016 s Mrs G with fish feeding chicks 2016 s Mrs G and Aran on the perch 2016 s Chicks at the edge of the nest 2016 s

22 Jun

Beyond The Border International Storytelling Festival

I will be artist in residence at Beyond the Border this year. In addition I will be doing two performances of stories, one on stage using traditional materials, one on the iPad.


22 Jun

MarKings Festival

I will be talking about drawing the Ospreys from the live video feed at MarKings illustration and performance festival and symposium. Organized by Central St Martins School of Art in collaboration with House of Illustration, London.

8-9 July 2016

4R and little WOs


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